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Parent Partnership

Wirral Parent Partnership is an impartial information, support and advice service for parents/carers of children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities and also for professionals working to support those needs.

We work closely with parents/carers, schools, the Local Authority, local support services and voluntary organisations to increase parental understanding of special educational needs to enable parents/carers to become more involved in their children's educational development through partnership working.

Parent Partnership - Wired

We may be able to help you if:

  • You think your child needs extra help at school
  • Your child is at risk of exclusion due to his/her behaviour
  • S/he has a Statement of Educational Needs
  • You would like your child's needs to be formally assessed
  • You are attending a school meeting and would like support.
  • You need help with understanding or completing paperwork

Parent Partnership Services work to a set of exemplifications set out by the Government to build on parents’ confidence in the impartiality of the advice and information they receive from the service. To view the current exemplifications go to:

We are proud to have achieved Best Practice status for the past 3 years.

The office is open Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. We recommend meetings are arranged by telephone appointment. Alternatively browse through our website for information about other support groups, training/workshop sessions and to download any of our information leaflets.


Sometimes parents do not agree with the decisions or provisions made by schools or local educational authorities for their child's special educational needs. The Greater Merseyside Mediation Service provides a free independent disagreement resolution service for parents of children with Special Educational Needs, local education authority and schools. Mediation is an increasingly successful way of sorting out disagreements. In Mediation the people involved in the dispute work together to reach an acceptable solution with the help of a mediator.

Using this service does not affect parents' right of appeal to the SEN and Disability Tribunal (SEND). The service can be used at any time during a disagreement.

Tel: 07983 689 190


Schools Choice Advice

Regrettably, owing to recent cuts made by Wirral Local Authority, the School Choice Advice service will no longer be available to parents after the end of June 2013. Although practical support will not be available on a universal basis to parents, help will still be available via the   Parent Partnership team at Wired to assist parents of children with Special Educational Needs. Full details here

The Children and Families Draft Bill for SEN

The Children and Families Bill will propose to replace statutory assessments for statements and Learning Difficulty Assessments with a single birth to 25 assessment process and a single Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) from 2014. You may be aware that the Children & Families Bill went for its first reading before the Houses of Parliament on 4th February and will have its second reading on 25th February when it will be debated by MPs. The Bill reinforces the need for Children, Young People and Parent/Carers to be involvedin both the development of the Local Offer and subsequent comments about it after it has been published.

To read more about the Bill as it passes through parliament and to have the opportunity to comment go to:

The new draft SEN Code of Practice has been issued. Follow this link to read the contents.

There is more information about SEN and specialist provision for children on the Leaflets page on the right hand side or you can download the documents listed. Alternatively check out our main links page for more information on other groups and agencies.

Have you ever thought of supporting other parents at school meeting as a volunteer? See our volunteering page for more information and an application form.

Working in Partnership with your child's school. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their child’s school through a Parent Forum or PTA. We have produced a guide to setting up a School Parent & Carer Forum which you can download from this page.

Parent Partnership Steering Group

Would you like to join our Steering Group as a Parent Representative? The Good Practice Guide for Parent Partnership Services sets out the need for Parent Partnership Services to be independent and operate at "arms-length" from the Local Authority to give parents greater confidence. One way to achieve this is by appointing an advisory (steering) group to provide an overview of the service.

The steering group, which meets four times a year, includes parents, representatives of the Local Authority, voluntary and support groups, volunteer independent parental supporters and an independent Chair. Its role is to review the impartiality and effectiveness of Wirral Parent Partnership Service in accordance with national guidance and to ensure that it accords with the SEN Framework and Code of Practice. The group also has a role in reviewing policies and publications and it publishes a review of its involvement in our newsletter. The group receives regular updates from the Coordinator and Local Authority and shares information and updates from related parental involvement and other national or local support groups.

Please view our Terms of Reference, Role Description and latest agenda in the downloads section on this page.


IPSEA SEN Online Training (e-learning)

To get started, please go to ​


​The Department for Education is consulting on its new Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. You have until 20th December 2013 to respond. To have your say please copy and paste this into your browser:

For more information about Wirral Parent Partnership Email (admin):